Fight For The Underdog

 My First post regarding Fight For The Underdog

Facebook page is  #fightfortheunderdog .

My goal:  Finding a lawyer that is willing to take my case and getting the word about regarding the flooding that took place in my basement.  I have been dealing with the City of Pittsburg regarding this issue and it has been a nightmare. 

I already have images of the flood uploaded to my facebook page but I will also upload some here when I have a moment or two.  I will also share with you my story from the moment I noticed it to what the status is as of right now.

I am pretty sure I am not the only customer that has delt with this issue or is dealing with it still.  That is one reason why I sent letter out to newspaper companies and news statations.  I am hoping they will share my story and maybe the out come will be a lawyer will reach out to regarding this.  You know "Fight for the underdog"

Stay tuned.  I have a story to tell about something shady in the city of Pittsburg, KS


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