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Received a letter that makes me think Shade runs high.

  So, I got this in the mail yesterday. 6/11/2021. Dear Mrs. Rieck Groves We are writing to follow up regarding the claim you have presented alleging the City of Pittsburgs should have notified of you a leak in your house so something could have been done with the water. There is damage to your home and personal items that were in the home. We have completed our investigation into this claim and we must respectfully disagree with your assertion. The insured observed a lot of water being used in your home with no one living there. They went out and checked the lines and found a leak. The person that came out knocked on the door and no one answered. There was not water running out anywhere that he could see, and the houses are close enough if there was a problem the neighbors would have found it. The account didn't have a phone number on it to call the homeowner or a forwarding address as well. We regret that you sustained damage to your property. However, based on our invest

Fight For The Underdog

 My First post regarding Fight For The Underdog Facebook page is  #fightfortheunderdog . My goal:  Finding a lawyer that is willing to take my case and getting the word about regarding the flooding that took place in my basement.  I have been dealing with the City of Pittsburg regarding this issue and it has been a nightmare.  I already have images of the flood uploaded to my facebook page but I will also upload some here when I have a moment or two.  I will also share with you my story from the moment I noticed it to what the status is as of right now. I am pretty sure I am not the only customer that has delt with this issue or is dealing with it still.  That is one reason why I sent letter out to newspaper companies and news statations.  I am hoping they will share my story and maybe the out come will be a lawyer will reach out to regarding this.  You know "Fight for the underdog" Stay tuned.  I have a story to tell about someth